Agriculture & Biotechnology Research Center
Li Yuge
Highest Education Ph.D
Phone 020-38674119
Office 723 Xingke Road, Tianhe, Guangzhou
Education and Appointments


2008.9-2011.7  Sun Yat-Sen University  Ph.D.

2005.9-2008.7  South China Normal University M.S.

2001.9-2005.7  JinLin Normal University B.S.

Positions and Employment

2019.8-present Associate Research Fellow, South China Botanical Garden

2013.11-2019.7 Assistant Research Fellow, South China Botanical Garden

2011.8-2013.9 Postdoctor, South China Botanical Garden

Research Interest

Using Arabidopsis thaliana and Soybean as materials, the molecular mechanism of plant - pathogen interaction was studied. In the process of resistance-attack, a variety of molecular interactions occur between plants and pathogens. The study of this process promotes the recognition of the molecular level of plant resistance to pathogens and the understanding of the principle of pathogen infection in plants.

Public Services

Wang Kuancheng postdoctoral work award fund of Chinese academy of sciences in 2012

Selected Publication


1) Li Yuge, Yang Yuhua, Hu Yilong, Liu Hailun, He Ming, Yang Ziyin, Kong Fanjing, Liu Xu Hou Xingliang*. DELLA and EDS1 form a feedback regulatory module to fine-tune plant growth-defense tradeoff in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 2019, 12(11):1485-1498.

2) Li Yug#, Ouyang Ji#, Wang Ya-Yun, Hu Rui, Xia Kuaifei, Duan Jun, Wang Yaqin, Tsay Yi-Fang, Zhang Mingyong*, Disruption of the rice nitrate transporter OsNPF2.2 hinders root-to-shoot nitrate transport and vascular development, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5: 9635.

3) Li Yuge#, Feng Dongru#, Zhang Deli#, Su Jianbin, Zhang Yang, Li Zhangqun, Mu Peiqiang, Liu Bin, Wang Hongbin*, Wang Jinfa. Rice MAPK phosphatase IBR5 interacts with MAPKs and negatively regulates drought stress tolerance in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum, Plant Science, 2012, 188:10-18.

4) Hu Yilong, Zhou Limeng, Huang Mingkun, Liu Xu, Yang Yuhua, Li Yuge, Hou Xingliang*. Gibberellins play an essential role in late embryogenesis of Arabidopsis. Nature Plants. 2018, 4, 289-298.

5) Liu Xu, Yang Yuhua, Hu Yilong, Zhou Limeng, Li Yuge, and Hou Xingliang*. Temporal-Specific Interaction of NF-YC and CURLY LEAF during the Floral Transition Regulates Flowering. Plant Physiology. 2018, 177, 105-114.

6) Liu Xu, Hu Pengwei, Huang Mingkun, Tang Yang, Li Yuge, Hou Xingliang*. The NF-YC–RGL2 module integrates GA and ABA signalling to regulate seed germination in Arabidopsis, Nature Communications, 2016, 7: 12768.

7) Tang Yang, Liu Xuncheng, Liu Xu, Li Yuge, Wu Keqiang, Hou Xingliang*. Arabidopsis NF-YCs mediate the light control of hypocotyl elongation via modulating histone acetylation. Molecular Plant, 2017, 10: 260-273.

8) Huang Mingkun, Hu Yilong, Liu Xu, Li Yuge, Hou Xingliang*. Arabidopsis LEAFY COTYLEDON1 Mediates Postembryonic Development via Interacting with PHYTOCHROME -INTERACTING FACTOR4, The Plant Cell, 2015, 27: 3099-3111.

9) Huang Mingkun, Hu Yilong, Liu Xu, Li Yuge, Hou Xingliang*. Arabidopsis LEAFY COTYLEDON1 controls cell fate determination during post-embryonic development, Frontiers in Plant Science, 2015, 6: 955.

10) Liu TaoZeng JiqingXia KuaifeiFan TianLi YugeWang Yaqin, Zhang Mingyong*, Evolutionary expansion and functional diversification of oligopeptide transporter gene family in rice, Rice, 2012, 5: 12.

11) Zhang Yang, Su Jianbin, Duan Shan, Ao Ying, Dai Jinran, Liu Jun, Wang Peng, Li Yuge, Liu Bing, Feng Dongru, Wang Hongbin*, Wang Jinfa, A highly efficient rice green tissue protoplast system for transient gene expression and studying light/chloroplast-related processes, Plant Methods, 2011,7: 30.


1) Li Yuge, Hou Xingliang*. The crosstalk of GA and JA: A fine-tuning of the balance of plant growth, development, and defense. Mechanism of Plant Hormone Signaling under Stress. Wiley-Blackwell, 2017. United states.