Agriculture & Biotechnology Research Center
Yang Chao
Highest Education Ph.D
Phone 020-37083171
Office South China Botanical Garden, No.723,Xingkelu,Tianhe,Guangzhou,China
Education and Appointments

2021/01--  Associate professor, South China Botanical Garden

2017/10--2020/10  Postdoc, South China Normal University

2011/09--2017/07  Ph.D, South China Botanical Garden

2007/09--2011/07  Bachelor, GuangXi University

Research Interest

Molecular basis of plant responses to environmental conditions.

Regulatory mechanism of plant specialized metabolism.

Public Services
Selected Publication

1Yang C, Li X, Yang L, Chen S, Liao J, Li K, Zhou J, Shen W, Zhuang X, Bai M, Bassham DC, Gao C. A positive feedback regulation of SnRK1 signaling by autophagy in plants. Mol Plant. 2023 Jul 3;16(7):1192-1211.

2Yang C, Li X, Zhou J, Gao C. Autophagy contributes to positive feedback regulation of SnRK1 signaling in plants. Autophagy. 2023 Aug 20. doi: 10.1080/15548627.2023.2247741. (co-corresponding author)

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