Environmental Sciences Center
Zhu Liwei
Highest Education Ph.D.
Phone 020-37086567
Email zhuliwei1209@scbg.ac.cn
Office Xingke Road 723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City
Education and Appointments

shandong agricultural university  Bachelor of agriculture


south China botanical garden, Chinese academy of sciences  PhD


south China botanical garden, Chinese academy of sciences Research assistant


south China botanical garden, Chinese academy of sciences  Cheng huanyong Associate Research Fellow

Research Interest

Plant ecophysiology 

Functional ecology 

Water physiology in ecosystem

Public Services

study for a half year in Shizuoka University, Japan supported by China Scholarship Council

Selected Publication

(1) Zhu LW, Zhao P*, Wang Q, Ni GY, Niu JF, Zhao XH, Zhang ZZ, Zhao PQ, Gao JG, Huang YQ, Stomatal and hydraulic conductance and water use in a eucalypt plantation in Guangxi, southern China, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2015, 202: 61-68

(2) Zhu LW, Zhao P*, Temporal variation in sap-flow-scaled transpiration and cooling effect of a subtropical Schima superba plantation in the urban area of Guangzhou, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 2013, 12(8): 1350-1356

(3) Zhu LW, Zhao P*, Ni GY, Cao QP, Zhou CM, Zeng XP, Individual- and Stand-level stem CO2 efflux in a subtropical Schima superba plantation, Biogeosciences, 2012, 9(10): 3729-3737

(4) Zhu LW, Zhao P*, Cai XA, Zeng XP, Ni GY, Zhang JY, Zou LL, Mei TT, Yu MH, Effects of sap velocity on the daytime increase of stem CO2 efflux from stems of Schima superba trees, Trees-structure and function, 2012, 26(2): 535-542

(5) Zhu LW, Hu YT, Zhao XH, Zeng XM, Zhao P, Zhang ZZ, Ju YX, The impact of drought on sap flow of co-occurring Liquidambar formosana Hance and Quercus variabilis Blume in a temperate forest, central China, Ecohydrology, 2016, DOI:10.1002/eco.1828

(6) 朱丽薇,赵平*,倪广艳,蔡锡安,曾小平,邹绿柳,梅婷婷,余孟好,荷木树干CO2释放通量的个体间差异及树干液流的效应,应用与环境生物学报,201117(4)447~452

(7) 朱丽薇,赵平*,蔡锡安,曾小平,邹绿柳,王权,荷木人工林蒸腾与冠层气孔导度特征及对环境因子的响应,热带亚热带植物学报,201018(6)599~606

(8) 朱丽薇,赵平*,蔡锡安,曾小平,邹绿柳,荷木树干CO2释放通量与木质部液流和CO2浓度的关系,生态学杂志,200928(11)2227~2232