Environmental Sciences Center
Zhang Lingling
Highest Education Ph.D
Phone 020-37082092
Email zhanglingling@scbg.ac.cn
Office Associate Professor
Education and Appointments

2020.08-: South China Botanical Garden, Associate Professor

2011.06-2020.07South China Botanical Garden, Assistant Professor, Level I.

2008.07-2011.05South China Botanical Garden, Assistant Professor, Level III.

Research Interest

Plant physiology and ecology, Invasion ecology

Public Services
Selected Publication

Tang SB, Zhang LL#, Lambers H, Ren WD, Lu XF, Hou EQ, Fu SL, Kuang YW*. 2020. Addition of nitrogen to canopy versus understorey has different effects on leaf traits of understorey plants in a subtropical evergreen broad–leaved forest. Journal of Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2745.13496 (#co-first author).

Luo XZ, Hou EQ, Zhang LL, Wen DZ*. 2020. Soil carbon dynamics in different types of subtropical forests as determined by density fractionation and stable isotope analysis. Forest Ecology and Management, 475: 118401.

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Liu Y, Zhang GH, Luo XZ, Hou EQ, Zheng MH, Zhang LL, He XJ, Shen, WJ, Wen DZ*. 2021. Mycorrhizal fungi and phosphatase involvement in rhizosphere phosphorus transformations improves plant nutrition during subtropical forest succession. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 153: 108099.

Luo XZ, Hou EQ, Zang XW, Zhang LL, Yi YF, Wen DZ*. 2019. Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen deposition on leaf litter and soil carbon degrading enzyme activities in a Cd-contaminated environment: A mesocosm study. Science of the Total Environment, 671: 157164.

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