Feng Chao
Highest Education Ph.D
Phone 020-37088127
Email chaofeng@scbg.ac.cn
Office Xingke Road 723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City
Education and Appointments

Dr. Feng earned his B.S. from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2009 and Ph.D from Zhejiang University in 2014. He joined South China Botanical Garden (SCBG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, as an assistant professor after graduation, and then as an associate professor from 2022.

Research Interest

Plant Genome and Evolution

Public Services
Selected Publication

1 Feng Chao#, Wang Jing#, Harris A. J., Folta Kevin M., Zhao Mizhao*, Kang Ming*. Tracing the diploid ancestry of the cultivated octoploid strawberry. Molecular Biology and Evolution 2021, 38:478–485.

2 Feng Chao, Wang Jing, Wu Lingqing, Kong Hanghui, Yang Lihua, Feng Chen, Wang Kai*, Rausher Mark*, Kang Ming*. The genome of a cave plant, Primulina huaijiensis, provides insights into adaptation to limestone karst habitats. New Phytologist 2020, 227:12491263.

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