Agriculture & Biotechnology Research Center
Li Yongqing
Highest Education PhD
Post N?A
Phone 020-37092001
Office Xingke Road 723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, CHina, 510650
Education and Appointments

September, 1998 ~ July, 2002   B.S., Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Peking University.  Honor thesis: “Study on Salt Tolerance in Rice Cultivars with Transferred e-OAT Gene”


September, 2002~ July, 2008 Ph.D., Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University Research focuses on the molecular regulation of plant growth and development in Arabidopsis. 


November, 2008 ~ now Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley. Research focuses on the molecular mechanism of plant defense against powdery mildew in Arabidopsis.


December 2011-now Researcher South China Botanical Garden, CAS. Research directions: the molecular mechanism of plant defense against powdery mildew in Arabidopsis and crop plants; crosstalk between abiotic stress response and biotic stress response in plants; the molecular mechanism of plant defense against oxidative stress; site-specific gene stacking technology in crops.

Research Interest
Plant molecular biology, plant pathology, plant genetics
Public Services
Selected Publication
Liangqi Wu, Zhanmin Fan, Lei Guo, Yongqing Li, Zhang-Liang Chen, Li-Jia Qu, (2005) Over-expression of the bacterial nhaA gene in rice enhances salt and drought tolerance, Plant Science, 168: 297-302.


Huijun Yang, Yongqing Li and Jian Hua . (2006) The C2 domain protein BAP1 negatively regulates defense responses in Arabidopsis Plant Journal 48:238-248.


Yongqing Li, Shuhua Yang, Huijun Yang and Jian Hua, (2007) Regulation of an R gene SNC1 at the transcript level. Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction 20(11):1449-56 .


Huijun Yang, Shuhua Yang, Yongqing Li and Jian Hua, (2007)The Arabidopsis BAP1 and BAP2 genes are general inhibitors of programmed cell death Plant Physiology, 145(1):135-46


Yongqing Li, Shuhua Yang, Jian Hua, Multiple R-like genes are negatively regulated by BON1 and BON3 in Arabidopsis (2009) Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction 22(7):840-8


Yongqing Li, Mingyue Gou, Qi Sun, Jian Hua, (2010) Requirement of calcium binding, myristoylation, and protein-protein interaction for the Copine BON1 function in Arabidopsis Journal of Biological chemistry 285(39):29884-91.