Agriculture & Biotechnology Research Center
Deng shulin
Highest Education doctor
Post PI of the research group for Plant-microbe interaction
Phone 020-37092025
Office South China Botanical Garden, No.723,Xingkelu,Tianhe,Guangzhou,China
Education and Appointments


1998.09—2002.06  B.S in Agronomy, Jimei University, Xiamen

2002.07—2002.12  Technician, Quanzhou Jicheng Aquarium Co. Ltd.

2003.03—2003.08  Research assistant, Guangzhou University of TCM

2003.09—2010.12  Ph.D in molecular biology, Sun Yat-sen University

2008.09—2010.12  Visiting scholar, Rockefeller University, NY, USA

2011.02—2016.01  Postdoc., Rockefeller University, NY, USA

2016.02—2018.01  Postdoc., Temasek Life Science Laboratory, Singapore

2017.09—   -     Professor, South China Botanic Garden, CAS

Research Interest


 As sessile organisms, plants encounter numerals biotic- and abiotic-stresses during their life span. Plants have evolved a rapid and efficient signal transduction network, and produced small active molecules in response to the inner and outer environmental cues for surviving. Using Arabidopsis and South China characteristic cash-crop/resource-plant as models, research of the lab focus on: 1) Plant-microbe interaction, we focus on the molecular mechanisms of protein posttranslational modifications, esp. Ubiquitination, and epigenetics in regulation of plant and virus interaction. 2) Signal transduction of plant responses to the combination of biotic and abiotic stresses. 3) Metabolic regulatory network of small active secondary molecules esp. the natural pigment such as Anthocyanin and Carotenoids in flowers and fruits.


Public Services
Selected Publication

 Notes: #, Co-first author;  *, Corresponding author   

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