Environmental Sciences Center
Tang Xuli
Highest Education Postgraduate
Phone 020-37089712
Email xltang@scib.ac.cn
Office South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences,723 Xingke Road, Tianhe District,Guangzhou, China, 510650
Education and Appointments
Research Interest
Public Services
Reviewer of "Atmospheric Environment", "Journal of Soil and Sediment", "Chinese Science Bulletin", "Acata Ecologica Sinica", "Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology".
Contributor (No.5) of the second prize of the national nature science achievement award of China (2008); Contributor (No. 5) of the first prize of the nature science achievement award of Guangdong Province (2006).
Selected Publication

Tang Xuli, Wang Yingping, Zhou Guoyi, et al., Different patterns of ecosystem carbon accumulation between a young and an old-growth subtropical forest in Southern China. Plant Ecology, 2011, 212:1385-1395

Huang Yuhui, Zhou Guoyi, Tang Xuli*, et al., Estimated soil respiration rates decreased with long-term soil microclimate changes in successional forests in southern China. Environmental Management, 2011,48:1189-1197

Tang Xuli, Liu Shuguang, Zhou Guoyi, Zhang Deqiang, Zhou Cunyu, Soil-atmospheric exchange of CO2, CH4, and N2O in three subtropical forest ecosystems in southern China. Global Change Biology, 2006, 12, 546-560.