Plant Sciences Center
Liu Qing
Highest Education PhD
Phone 020-37252567
Office Xingke Road 723, Tianhe District South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences 510650, PR China
Education and Appointments

Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor and Huan-Yong Chen Professor, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Conservation and Sustainable Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Visiting Scholar of National Museum of Natural History of Smithsonian Institution (USA) and Academic Visitor of University of Leicester (UK). Her research interests include genome resources and molecular cytogenetics of crop wild species. She has published 30 papers as corresponding author at national and international journals, including GigaScience, BMC Plant Biology, Scientific Reports, Chromosome Research, PLoS One, American Journal of Botany and Annals of Botany).



2002.03–2005.03       South China Botanical Garden, CAS           PhD       2005.03.26

1998.09–2001.06       South China Botanical Garden, CAS           MAS      2001.6.27

1997.09–1997.07       Harbin Normal University                  BS       1997.7.2



1997.9–1998.8    The Six Middle School of Mudanjiang City Teacher

2001.7–2004.8    South China Botanical Garden, CAS Probationer investigator

2004.8–2005.11   South China Botanical Garden, CAS Assistant Investigator

2005.12–Present  South China Botanical Garden, CAS Associated Professor

2015.9–2018.8    South China Botanical Garden, CAS Huan-Yong Chen Prof.

2006.6–2006.8    Smithsonian Institution Visiting Scholar

2009.7–2010.7    Smithsonian Institution Visiting Scholar

2012.8–2013.1    Smithsonian Institution Visiting Scholar

2016.11-2017.10   University of Leicester Academic Visitor

Research Interest

The research interests include genome resources and molecular cytogenetics of crop wild species, i.e. construction of the chromosomal scale of genome map of Avena longiglumis, publication of high quality genome sequence of Ensete glaucum, comparative chloroplast genome analyses of Avena, genome repetitive DNA sequence study, and the allopolyploid genomic origin studies.

Public Services

Editorial Board member of Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany


2018 Outstanding Postgraduate Tutor of Guangzhou Education Base

2006 Short-term-visitor Award, Smithsonian Fellowship

Selected Publication

(1) Wang Ziwei, Mathieu Rouard, Manosh Kumar Biswas, Gaetan Droc, Cui Dongli, Nicolas Roux, Franc-Christophe Baurens, Ge Xuejun, Trude Schwarzacher, Pat (J.S.) Heslop-Harrison*, Liu Qing*. A chromosome-level reference genome of Ensete glaucum gives insight into diversity and chromosomal and repetitive sequence evolution in the Musaceae. GigaScience, 2022,

(2) Liu Qing*, Li Xiaoyu, Li Mingzhi, Xu Wenkui, Trude Schwarzacher, John Seymour Heslop-Harrison*. Comparative chloroplast genome analyses of Avena: insights into evolutionary dynamics and phylogeny. BMC Plant Biology, 2020, 20: 406.

(3) Liu Qing*, Li Xiaoyu, Zhou XY, Li Mingzhi, Zhang Fengjiao, Trude Schwarzacher, John Seymour Heslop-Harrison*. 2019. The DNA landscape in Avena: chromosome and genome evolution defined by major repetitive DNA classes in whole-genome sequence reads. BMC Plant Biology, 2019, 19: 226.

(4) Liu Qing*, Lin Lei, Zhou Xiangying, Paul M. Peterson, Jun Wen*. Unraveling the evolutionary dynamics of ancient and recent polyoidization events in Avena (Poaceae). Scientific Reports, 2017, 7: 41944.

(5) Liu Qing*, Liu Huan, Wen Jun*. Relationships between Sorghum bicolor (Poaceae) and its close relatives based on genomic in situ hybridization evidence. Turkish Journal of Botany, 2017, 41(1): 11–24.