Plant Sciences Center
Wang Baosheng
Highest Education PH.D
Office 723 Xingke Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Education and Appointments

2018.3 – present, Principal investigator, South China Botanical Garden, CAS

2015 – 2018, Postdoc, Department of Biology, Duke University

2013 – 2014, Postdoc, Department of Ecology & Environmental Science, Ume? University

2009 – 2013, PhD, Department of Ecology & Environmental Science, Ume? University

2004 – 2009, PhD Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

2000 – 2004, B.S. in Agriculture, Yangzhou University.

Research Interest
I am interested in understanding of the general importance of hybridization and other mechanisms driving divergence, adaption and speciation in plant. I am currently involved in using next-generation sequencing data to revel patterns and processes of genomic divergence during speciation. I would also like to extend my research into ecological genomic analyses to understand the mechanisms of adaption, e.g. revealing environment factors contributing to adaption, identifying genes underlying adaptive divergence, and determining the source (standing genetic variation or de novo mutations) of the genetic changes behind adaptive response. My long-term goals focus on characterizing and quantifying the interplay between selection, hybridization and other evolutionary processes, and their genomic and adaptive consequences. 
Public Services
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