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Agriculture & Resource Plant Center
1) Collection, evaluation and industrialization of flowers and medicinal plants resources
2) Utilization of wild plant core germplasm and function active substances
3) Economic trait and epigenetic regulation of function material metabolism of important plants
4) Metabolic regulation mechanism of plant biological active substances
5) Preparation, collection and preservation of plant chemical resources
6) Activity、chemical construction and structure modification transformation evaluation of plant natural products
7) The mechanism and application of plant defense signaling pathway and induction
8) The understanding of fruit and vegetable postharvest biology and preservation technology integration and application demonstration; the function evaluation and utilization of fruit and vegetable biological active substance.
Following the national demands on food safety, quality and nutrition, to builtinternationally excellent Bioactive Research Center step by step. Find out a batch of plant functional active substances possess of application prospect and proprietary intellectual property rights. In allusion to important strategy and economic plant resources, carry out plant germplasm innovation and gene exploration research, and breed new varieties and industrialization.
Center Director:
WANG Ying (Professor/Ph.D.)
Tel: 8620-37082052
Deputy Center Director:
YANG Ziyin (Professor/Ph.D.)
Tel: 8620-38072989
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