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Research Group of Ecosystem Ecology

Quantitative Relations of Structure and Function in Multi-Scales of Ecosystems; Coupling the Species Diversity and Function Processes.
Research Tasks in the Coming Ten Years: Coupling Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Water Cycles; Driving Mechanism of Phosphorus on Species Diversity Changes.
Management Task: Runs the Guangdong Dinghushan Forest Ecosystem Research Station and Guizhou Puding Karst Ecosystem Research Station.

Principal Investigator: ZHOU Guoyi(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
YAN Junhua(Professor / Ph.D.)
LIU Juxiu(Associate Professor / Ph.D.)
HUANG Wenjuan (Associate Professor / Ph.D.)
TANG Xuli(Associate Professor / Ph.D.)
LI Yuelin(Associate Professor / Ph.D.)
CHEN Xiuzhi(Assistant Professor/ Ph.D.)

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