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Research Group for Plant Phylogenetics and Reproductive Biology

Taxonomic revision and monographing of tropical and subtropical flowering plants consists the basic part of our work. Basing on taxonomic revision and phylogenetic reconstruction, the group mostly focused on evolution of pollination mechanisms and breeding systems in tropical and subtropical angiosperm families Leguminosae, Rubiaceae, Euphorbiaceae (Phyllanthaceae), Rutaceae, Zingiberaceae and Palmaceae. Recently, the group is paying much attention to the following areas:
1) Evolution, maintenance, and breakup of distyly in Rubiaceae and the ecological, physiological factors that involves in the processes;
2)The evolution of species-specific moth pollination in Phyllanthaceae;
3)Fly pollination and its effect on the evolution of floral structure and sexual systems.
The other parts of the group work include the origin and evolution of cultivated Kumquart and other Citrus species, conservation biology of endangered species, and reproductive strategies of invasive species.

Principal Investigator:ZHANG Dianxiang(Professor/Ph.D.)

Group Members:
LUO Shixiao (Chun Woon-Young Professor/Ph.D.)
LI Shijin (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
LUO Zhonglai (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
TU Tieyao (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
SHI Miaomiao (Chun Woon-Young Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHAO Zhongtao (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)
WANG Xiangping (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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